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Your Search for an Alternative to Nicee Ends Here.

Searching for an alternative to Nicee? Many users discover a welcome gaming community alongside amazing gamers when they switching from Nicee to Lita. Lita offers more accurate AI-powered matching system to help you find specific teammates, and also provide a vibrant community where you can foster long-term connections with players you enjoy gaming with.

We’re not here to tell you that Nicee is terrible in any way.

Our focus is on showcasing why our valued users love Lita for its comprehensive gaming companion support.
In the ever-growing world of online gaming, finding the perfect teammates can be a pain. If you’re tired of frustrating solo queues and endless matchmaking struggles, then gear up for something epic! Read on to discover how our app revolutionizes the way you connect with other gamers…
Meet Gamer Friends

#1 LFG Gaming App

Looking for a fun way to meet new people? Lita is the best app for looking for gaming friends globally. Experience the joy to connect, and discover incredible gamers who share your interests, no matter your device.
Find your group and gaming community
Boasts a universe of supported games
Best website to find your gaming match
Cross-platform compatibility
Skill-based & AI-powered Matching

Personalized Gamer Matching

Squad up with the right people! We connect you with players who share your passion, values, playstyle, and more.
1-Touched Voice Chat for Gaming

Gaming Chat for Free

Find your perfect gamer friends for free on Lita! Browse profiles, match with gamers, and start chatting - all free!
Squad up with awesome people! Join our growing gaming community.
An LFG platform to find gamer girls & buddies to play together.
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